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Vidzeme producers are invited to an educational seminar on the sustainable use of resources with the methods of industrial symbiosis


As part of the operation of the industrial symbiosis SINERGIA platform, on March 6 Vidzeme producers are invited to the Nature and Technology park URDA for the seminar "Industrial symbiosis: sustainable competitiveness and use of resources".

Manufacturers can improve production processes by reviewing their operations, reducing the volumes of by-products (residues), and the expenses related to them recycling. By identifying opportunities for industrial symbiosis, there is an option to change approaches how resources are obtained and consumed, and also to promote the economic growth of companies, as well as the well-being of the environment and people through joint cooperation.

The seminar is planned as an introductory course in circular economy and industrial symbiosis. It is divided into two parts. In the theoretical part, the participants will be introduced to the concept of industrial symbiosis, the steps of implementation, and the interaction of organizations in the context of industrial symbiosis. The practical part – workshop in groups, will be devoted to mapping incoming resources, and the leftovers during the manufacturing process and generating ideas for further use.

After the seminar, participants will have the opportunity to receive individual consultation about the program and rules to join. By joining the SINEGIA platform, participants will be invited to join industrial symbiosis development working groups, participate in experience exchange trips to Europe, and design new approaches to further use of by-products (residues) through the SINERGIA acceleration program.

The Industrial Symbiosis platform SINERGIA was created and implemented by CLEANTECH LATVIA together with Cēsis County Council, Riga Technical University and Ltd "ZAAO".

Contact person:

Zigmars Brunavs

Phone: +371 29404218;

E-mail: zigmars@cleantechlatvia.lv

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