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Things like to be used! Animated story of platform Lietovelreiz.lv


Since November 1 last year, citizens of Latvia have an opportunity to use the circular economy promoting digital platform Lietovelreiz.lv. It is a new tool for the citizens of Latvia to facilitate finding and using repair, rental and exchange services.

On the platform, it is possible to find various repair and rental service points throughout Latvia in one place, as well as to receive or rent the goods available in the catalog free of charge, thus reducing the need to purchase new things and allowing everyone to save money. To make the offer as broad as possible, the creators of the platform call for local craftsmen and rental places to refer.

Inviting residents to act more sustainably, to switch to resource-saving actions - an informative and educational animation was also created. Watch the animation, which was made in cooperation with the Tīri.Labi, initiative of the Green Liberty association and find out what the path to repairing a broken shoe is, using www.lietovelreiz.lv.

New free of charge things and additional service points and companies are added to the platform every day. In order to make the offer as broad as possible, the creators of the platform invite local entrepreneurs, craftsmen and rental places that correspond to one of the categories of the Map to refer.

Anyone who would like to be included in the platform Map is invited to write to lietovelreiz@zerowastelatvija.lv.

Let's take care of smaller landfills of waste and give things a longer life!

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