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The next steps of the project in the collection of kitchen waste


After introducing the residents to the tasks of the project and the progress of its solution already in the month of August, the next step was drawing up contracts with the residents and distributing the necessary inventory. According to the conditions of the project, each family is provided with one 10 l or 6 l container for the collection of kitchen waste, the size of which is chosen by the residents of the house depending on the need for use (see Figure 1).

Figure 1.Containers distributed to residents of the house. Photo: D. Āriņa

Before the distribution of contracts and containers, information was prepared for the residents of the house, and clearly placed in each stairwell at the information stand. Practically, together with the distribution of containers and contracts, a special biological waste container for the collection of household kitchen waste was placed at the point of sorted containers in the yard of the house (see Figure 2).

Figure 2  The container for the collection of biological kitchen waste at the residential house

The most important conclusions for further action: to involve residents in extensive kitchen waste collection, the active action of house managers is necessary. In the case of the project, the initiators and financiers were the project executors. On the other hand, to continue the operation, it is necessary to allocate money for the purchase of kitchen containers and the drawing up of contracts with residents, which practically determines their involvement in the process of sorting kitchen waste collection from the funds saved for the management of the house. The more actively we will involve the citizens, the better results can be expected.

Due to the national diversity of the residents of large multi-storey buildings, the information must be illustrative both on the kitchen containers and bio waste collection containers and, if necessary, in Latvian, English, and Russian languages. For the removal of bio waste, waste management companies must purchase specialized containers using the supplies of manufacturing companies as much as possible to get the lowest price for containers. The replacement of containers must be monitored, as well as their cleanliness. Regular washing of containers is mandatory.

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