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Strategy for Dialogue with Science developed


The strategy for dialogue with science is a document that outlines measures to promote dialogue within the science sector. It outlines the goal of fostering communication and information flow among the public, private, and non-governmental sectors to facilitate data and research-based decision-making within the public sector.

The strategy for dialogue with science has been developed in cooperation with higher education institutions of Latvia, whose study programmes include topics of circular economy, bioeconomy, and waste management.

Within the strategy, measures for introducing the results of the project to higher education institutions are provided (studies, results of surveys and analyses, results of pilot-projects), for rising the discussions about the results of the project (in scientific discussions and conferences) and further dissemination of them to students, academic professionals, researchers. The strategy also identifies the most efficient channels for exchanging of information within stakeholders.

The strategy envisages special measures for the involvement of students in the acquisition and research of waste management topics, offering internship opportunities in the organisations involved in the project and organising scientific work contests for students and young researchers on the topics regarding the National Waste Management Plan for 2021-2028.

The strategy for dialogue with science has been developed for European Union LIFE programme integrated project “Waste to Resources Latvia - boosting regional sustainability and circularity” (LIFE Waste to Resources IP) within the action C6.7 “Building dialogue and cooperation with the academic and science sector”.

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