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Lietovelreiz.lv - a platform for the circulation of things


In order to promote circularity, the association "Zero Waste Latvija" together with partners - "ZAAO", association "Green Liberty", "CleanR" and "Eco Baltia VIDE" has created a digital platform Lietovelreiz.lv, which aims to prolong the life and use of things.

The platform gathers information on product repair options, item rental, exchange and other circular services across Latvia in one place.
Borrowing and not buying your own or a new one saves not only money, but also materials and energy that would be needed to produce new things. Leasing, renting, borrowing and also exchanging is a very simple way to promote the welfare of society and reduce the amount of generated waste.

For municipalities, organizations and companies that have joined Lietovelreiz.lv, the platform is an opportunity to both expand the range of services offered to citizens and attract new customers.

On Lietovelreiz.lv, you can find various repair and rental service points all over Latvia in one place, as well as receive the products available in the catalog for free, thus reducing the purchase of new items and promoting a longer life of existing things.

The catalog offer includes electrical appliances, computer equipment, sports and tourism equipment, building materials, as well as other daily necessities - from a pasta maker and an e-book reader to a construction tool and a telescope. The Goethe Institute made a significant contribution to the range of everyday things by including its Library of Things in the new platform.

In the spring, you will also be able to find in platform’s map points for exchanging garden items and seeds.

"We don't need to own every thing, especially those things that we only use a couple of times a year! With this platform, we want to extend the life of things: promote the borrowing or renting of various things and, on the other hand, promote repair. Over time, hopefully, you will be able to find the most specialized craftsmen and the widest range of rentals on our map. It will also be an opportunity to save money and not stock shelves full of things we don't use," says Evija Ozola-Ozoliņa, project manager of platform development. 

As part of the this same project, in October "CleanR" opened an exchange point for construction debris, construction materials and repair items, where every resident can hand over, pick up or exchange things they need - paints, brushes, wallpapers, interior items, electrical engineering, small plumbing, also construction debris , taking in return chips or soil, etc. Items available at the exchange point are also collected on the Lietovelreiz.lv platform.

The platform has been operating since November 1 and new service access points and companies are added every day; the range offer will be widened with new things.

The introduction of the Lietovelreiz.lv platform is in line with broader sustainability initiatives and Latvia's commitment to achieving EU goals in the field of waste reduction and recycling. By facilitating access to circular services and providing information on environmentally friendly alternatives, the platform is expected to contribute to the country's efforts to reduce waste.

On March 1, at the conference in Cēsis, we will share our experience in the process of changing consumption habits and tools for its promotion in Vidzeme and other places in Latvia. Membership is free. To participate in the conference, we invite you to register by filling out the questionnaire or by sending an application to the e-mail address: info@baltijaskrasti.lv.

Additional information about the conference can be read in the Vidzeme Innovation Week event calendar.

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