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Co-creation Seminar on the Expansion of Zero Waste Activities in Cēsis


On October 27, 2023, representatives of Cēsis Municipality, non-governmental organizations and companies, as well as active residents, took part in the co-creation seminar to gather opinions about existing and needed workshops and opportunities for fixing the things in the city and Cēsis region, which are not sufficiently developed.

The participants welcomed the idea that Cēsis should have a place where it would be possible to practice zero-waste lifestyle, as well as permanent workshop or "makers place" where it would be possible to work independently. Such workshop place should be equipped with sewing machines and sewing materials, tools and equipment for woodworking and furniture repair, as well as tools for preparation of household items. It should be noted that the participants with experience in the field of woodworking expressed concern that the correct use of tools and the issue of safety should seriously considered in the woodworking workshop.

Regarding the organization of master classes with craftsman the following proposals were made to create:

· Dish repair master classes;

· Master classes on the sustainable use of textiles - making new things from old things (not only clothing);

· Beauty product master classes;

· A master class on redecorating upholstered furniture;

· Home renovation (doors, windows, furniture, etc.) restoration master classes.

 To ensure citizens' co-responsibility for workshops and master classes, it was recommended to set a reasonable participation fee. In addition to the activities of workshops and master classes, it was mentioned that there is a lack of places in Cēsis where people can get rid of things sustainably, for example, unworn (worn) clothes and textiles can be recycled. In such a swap shop it would be possible to give and receive used, but still valid:

· Building materials and things needed for repair;

· Garden things;

· Toys, etc.

          It was also recommended to approach companies that would be ready to get involved in the circulation of used items, for example, Ieber.lv shop is already accepting bubble wrap, 0.5 and 0.25 l jars, things suitable for gardening and making toys, used paper gift baskets and cardboard boxes from residents. Proposals were also made to promote clothing repair, garage sales, clothing exchange events and to develop tool rental or library services in Cēsis municipality for such things as lawn mowers, chippers, woodworking tools, grinders, overlockers, vacuum cleaners, grass aerators, knife sharpeners, cake moulds and other things for cooking.

 At the end of the co-creation seminar, the following was put forward for the next work to be done:

1. Conduct a quantitative survey of the residents of Cēsis region to find out what are the most popular things that the residents would like to fix themselves (in the permanent workshop where tools are available);

2. Create a map in Cēsis region with places that meet one of the zero-waste principles: places where you can repair something, give it to use, take a used one, rent it, etc. Complement the already existing zero waste map in Cēsis. Create one zero waste place, which acts as a contact point and where activities are regularly carried out (evening events and available tools);

3. Offer residents to get involved in creating a waste-free community by offering their repair skills, evaluate opportunities to train community volunteers to organize a repair cafes;

4. Carry out individual discussions with educational institutions, libraries about the possibilities of cooperation and the use of existing equipment;

5. Evaluate the possibility of offering residents to hand over tools that are still in use to the permanent workshop and library of things;

6. Identify the places that are most attended by people in Cēsis and the region, and evaluate the possibilities of developing waste-free activities in these places;

7. To evaluate the possibilities of expanding services at the ZAAO waste sorting area at Lapsu street 19 in Cēsis.

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